Dispelling the myths of the advertising funded Open Web - Webinar


6/22/2020 12:49 PM


In recapping and celebrating the recent webinar 'Dispelling the myths of the advertising funded Open Web', we'd like to thank, Mathieu ROCHE, Paul Gubbins, Stephanie Layser and Arnaud Blanchard along with everyone else involved in our fantastic webinar! Your efforts are greatly appreciated by the 51Degrees team.

The host, Paul Gubbins described it as an 'in-depth identity webinar in which he got to ask News Corp, Criteo and some honest and frank questions about GAFA and how they see the open and ad-funded web evolving.

Paul went on to list the topics covered:

  • How will performance marketing & attribution work?
  • How will Google privacy sandbox work?
  • How should brands & agencies approach?
  • How will Project Rearc work?
  • Data portability between CDP/DMP & DSP
  • How does Sparrow differ from Turtledove?
  • Device IDs, staying or going?
  • Publishers should grow 1PD, ok how?
  • Publisher with multiple domains, what now?
  • 1-1 targeting V audience cohorts

Read Paul's LinkedIn post.

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