CMA’s report on digital advertising competition


6/25/2020 11:57 AM


What is next for Google, Facebook and your business?

On July 3rd, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will publish their report on competition within online digital advertising. This webinar provides an overview of their findings and the likely impact on your business. The panellists will discuss the implications on digital advertising for the US, Europe and beyond, as well as the future of a free and competitive open web.

Join an expert panel of lawyers from both sides of the Atlantic as they talk you through the report in plain English.

  • Alan Chapell – Alan is Chief Privacy Officer and outside counsel to some of the leading advertising and technology companies.
  • Tim Cowen – Tim co-authored “TECHNOPOLY and what to do about it”, which is widely credited as a precursor to the CMA report. He specialises in competition law and public policy for the information, communication and technology sector.
  • Joshua Koran – Joshua combines his skills in engineering and the legal training to pioneer innovation for global technology companies. He helped author frameworks such as TCF and AdChoices.
  • James Rosewell – James will be moderating the webinar bringing critical questions from the sharp end of technology, advertising and publishing.

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8th July 5pm CET / 11am EST / 8am PST.