12/21/2020 11:00 AM

2020 - Surprisingly, not such a bad year after all!

What a year it’s been! Let’s take a trip down memory lane as we remember the positive things that have happened here at 51Degrees.

As we reflect upon our milestones, both big and small, we can celebrate our wins before looking to a brighter 2021.

service update


12/15/2020 5:00 PM

51Degrees Service Update December 2020

Device detection data file updates for December 2020

The festive season is upon us, and as such, 51Degrees will not be doing data file releases on specific days. Ensure you're prepared or better yet, get setup up for Automated Data Updates.

iphone 12 models


12/9/2020 5:00 PM

UPDATE: We now have the iPhone 12 Models!

Our Device Detection solution will instantly adapt your website to all four of the new iPhone 12 handsets!

51Degrees now detects all four new iPhone 12 models. Ensure that your web offerings will be up-to-date and ready to take on these new devices.



11/30/2020 5:00 PM

51Degrees acquires Handset Detection’s online presence

We’re delighted to share the news that we have acquired the online presence of Handset Detection.

51Degrees carries on Handset Detection’s impressive online legacy, taking over both their website and social media presence.



10/26/2020 5:00 PM

How and why we embraced ISO

We really care about putting out high quality products, because our customers deserve nothing less.

We talk about the day that 51Degrees became the first company in the device detection game to achieve a duo of ISO standards for quality and information security management.



10/19/2020 5:00 PM

The role of patents in 51Degrees

51Degrees has grown to become a respected commercial open source business and although we operate a freemium business model, we choose to protect our inventions.

In this article, we talk about how and why we decided to patent our technologies and ultimately protect our business in order to ensure we can continue to produce breakthrough after breakthrough.



10/5/2020 5:00 PM

Apple releases iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

Feature packed with some significant privacy enhancements!

iOS 14 is one of Apple's biggest iOS updates to date, introducing Home screen design changes, major new features, updates for existing apps, Siri improvements, and many other tweaks that streamline the iOS interface.

reverse geocoding


9/24/2020 5:00 PM

Reverse Geocoding with Digital Element

How using 51Degrees' one stop shop real-time data is key to your marketing success!

How do marketers know when and where to target their audience and how to maintain relevance? In this blog we talk about reverse geocoding technology and how using 51Degrees' one stop shop real-time data is key to your marketing success!

cpu phone


9/10/2020 5:00 PM

Mobile CPU's and the performance inequality gap

Why there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to developing for the mobile web

We now have an incredibly broad spectrum of mobile devices, and while mobile CPU performance has become extremely powerful in recent years, the performance of these devices differs wildly. This article explains why this matters to web designers and developers.

hands holding hints


9/7/2020 5:00 PM

User Agent Client Hints Update September 2020

How have the UA client hints specifications evolved since January 2020?

HTTP client hints are an experimental set of standards that enable a web server to ask a web browser to send additional HTTP header fields and values in subsequent requests. The development has been led by engineers from Google working on the Chromium web browser. This blog post gives an update on what's now happening with regards to client hints.